What does “all” stand for in a makefile?

A build, as Makefile understands it, consists of a lot of targets. For example, to build a project you might need Build file1.o out of file1.c Build file2.o out of file2.c Build file3.o out of file3.c Build executable1 out of file1.o and file3.o Build executable2 out of file2.o If you implemented this workflow with makefile, …

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“Nothing to be done for makefile” message

If you don’t specify a target on the command-line, Make uses the first target defined in the makefile by default. In your case, that is makefile:. But that doesn’t do anything. So just remove makefile:.

What is the difference between gmake and make?

‘gmake’ refers specifically to GNU make. ‘make’ refers to the system’s default make implementation; on most Linux distros this is GNU make, but on other unixes, it could refer to some other implementation of make, such as BSD make, or the make implementations of various commercial unixes. The language accepted by GNU make is a …

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C Makefile – missing seperator. stop

Makefile requires that all “commands” in a rule are indented by one tab. You have, for example, this rule: That is wrong, the command-line should be intended with an actual tab (not spaces) like

Linker error: “linker input file unused because linking not done”, undefined reference to a function in that file

I think you are confused about how the compiler puts things together. When you use -c flag, i.e. no linking is done, the input is C++ code, and the output is object code. The .o files thus don’t mix with -c, and compiler warns you about that. Symbols from object file are not moved to other object files like that. All object …

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How to get a shell environment variable in a makefile?

If you’ve exported the environment variable: you can simply refer to it by name in the makefile (make imports all the environment variables you have set): If you’ve not exported the environment variable, it is not accessible until you do export it, or unless you pass it explicitly on the command line: If you are using a C …

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Undefined reference maybe makefile is wrong?

The errors that you’re getting are linker errors, telling you that while linking your program the linker can’t find a function named ‘CreateSet’ (etc.). It’s not immediately obvious why that should be the case, because it appears that you’re including “set.o” in the build command. To troubleshoot build problems, it’s often useful to figure out …

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