Mount CIFS Host is down

This could also be because of a protocol mismatch. In 2017 Microsoft patched Windows Servers and advised to disable the SMB1 protocol. From now on, mount.cifs might have problems with the protocol negotiation. The error displayed is “Host is down.”, but when you do debug with: smbclient -L <server_ip> -U <username> -d 256 you will … Read more

Mounting VMDK disk image

For newer Linux systems, you can use guestmount to mount the third partition within a VMDK image: Alternatively, to autodetect and mount an image (less reliable), you can try: Do note that the flag –ro simply mounts the image as read-only; to mount the image as read-write, just replace it with the flag –rw. Installation guestmount is contained in following packages … Read more

List all mounts in Linux

There is no such command, since there is no list of “attempted mounts”. You can compare the current mount list (/etc/mtab) to the list of shares registered to be mounted though (/etc/fstab). Alternatively you could try to grep through the system log files to find failed mount attempts.

What does it mean to mount a file system in linux?

A better way to describe “mount” is “attach”. The filesystem being mounted is attached to an empty directory of the existing filesystem. That is, the top level directory of the mounted filesystem becomes the directory on the existing filesystem. Subdirectories of the mounted filesystem become the subdirectories of the former directory on the existing filesystem, … Read more

Transport endpoint is not connected

There is a segmentation fault problem which was introduced in 0.1.39. You may check my repository that fixed this one meanwhile:

mount: nfs access denied by server

Am trying to mount a NFS device in my linux machine. My /etc/fstab is like this, /var/spool/newnfs nfs rsize=32768,wsize=32768,intr,noatime 1 0 My /etc/mtab is like this, /var/spool/newnfs nfs rw,addr= 0 0 I have enabled NFS in my NAS device. When i type mount ” mount -t nfs -v /var/spool/newnfs/” I get like … Read more