How to make blinking/flashing text with CSS 3

You are first setting opacity: 1; and then you are ending it on 0, so it starts from 0% and ends on 100%, so instead just set opacity to 0 at 50% and the rest will take care of itself. Demo  Run code snippetExpand snippet Here, I am setting the animation duration to be 1 second, and then I am setting the timing to linear. That means it will … Read more

How to fade an image with CSS without opacity?

You can’t fade the opacity of an element, without having what’s behind showing through. The site you linked to isn’t fading the opacity of the image, but introducing a translucent layer over the top with the text in. If you just want to fade the image, but not have the background show through, you could … Read more

Can you set a border opacity in CSS?

Unfortunately the opacity property makes the whole element (including any text) semi-transparent. The best way to make the border semi-transparent is with the rgba color format. For example, this would give a red border with 50% opacity: For extremely old browsers that don’t support rgba (IE8 and older), the solution is to provide two border … Read more

Change background image opacity

There is nothing called background opacity. Opacity is applied to the element, its contents and all its child elements. And this behavior cannot be changed just by overriding the opacity in child elements. Child vs parent opacity has been a long standing issue and the most common fix for it is using rgba(r,g,b,alpha) background colors. But in … Read more

How to darken a background using CSS?

Just add this code to your image css Reference: linear-gradient() – CSS | MDN UPDATE: Not all browsers support RGBa, so you should have a ‘fallback color’. This color will be most likely be solid (fully opaque) ex:background:rgb(96, 96, 96). Refer to this blog for RGBa browser support.

How to change text transparency in HTML/CSS?

opacity applies to the whole element, so if you have a background, border or other effects on that element, those will also become transparent. If you only want the text to be transparent, use rgba. Also, steer far, far away from <font>. We have CSS for that now.

Transparent CSS background color

now you can use rgba in CSS properties like this: 0.5 is the transparency, change the values according to your design. Live demo more info