Set line spacing

Try the line-height property. For example, 12px font-size and 4px distant from the bottom and upper lines: Or with em units

What does !important mean in CSS?

It means, essentially, what it says; that ‘this is important, ignore subsequent rules, and any usual specificity issues, apply this rule!’ In normal use a rule defined in an external stylesheet is overruled by a style defined in the head of the document, which, in turn, is overruled by an in-line style within the element itself (assuming equal specificity …

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What is the difference among col-lg-*, col-md-* and col-sm-* in Bootstrap?

Bootstrap 5 In Bootstrap 5 (alpha) there is a new -xxl- size: col-* – 0 (xs)col-sm-* – 576pxcol-md-* – 768pxcol-lg-* – 992pxcol-xl-* – 1200pxcol-xxl-* – 1400px Bootstrap 5 Grid Demo Bootstrap 4 In Bootstrap 4 there is a new -xl- size, see this demo. Also the -xs- infix has been removed, so smallest columns are simply col-1, col-2.. col-12, etc.. col-* – 0 (xs)col-sm-* – 576pxcol-md-* – 768pxcol-lg-* – 992pxcol-xl-* – 1200px Bootstrap 4 Grid Demo Additionally, Bootstrap 4 includes …

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How am I supposed to use index.html?

Many web servers will have a ‘default document’ that is returned when you specify just a path and no file name. So browsing to will return the default document from the document root directory of that domain. Quite often the default document can be named index.html, index.htm or -if PHP is installed- index.php, but …

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What’s the difference between SCSS and Sass?

Sass is a CSS pre-processor with syntax advancements. Style sheets in the advanced syntax are processed by the program, and turned into regular CSS style sheets. However, they do not extend the CSS standard itself. CSS variables are supported and can be utilized but not as well as pre-processor variables. For the difference between SCSS …

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