How to replace tabs with spaces in Atom?

Atom has a built-in tool for this Activate the command palette (ShiftCmdP on Mac, CtrlShiftP on Windows/Linux) and search for “convert space” or “convert tab”. You should find these three commands are available: Whitespace: Convert Spaces to Tabs Whitespace: Convert Tabs to Spaces Whitespace: Convert All Tabs to Spaces Convert Tabs vs. Convert All Tabs … Read more

XSLT string replace

replace isn’t available for XSLT 1.0. Codesling has a template for string-replace you can use as a substitute for the function: invoked as: On the other hand, if you literally only need to replace one character with another, you can call translate which has a similar signature. Something like this should work fine: Also, note, in this example, I changed … Read more