Disable image compression for WebP

It does cover webp as well. From several google pages the default compression was 86. You could also test to confirm by uploading a few with different settings in your functions. This issue on Github shows they changed the default quality to 82. https://github.com/WordPress/performance/issues/563. We can see that webp images use the same quality value … Read more

Adding caption to all images inside an article

I’m not 100% sure if I understand your question 100%, but WordPress, by default, displays the caption if it’s filled on the image. Then it displays it just below the image once the image is inserted. Here is an example where I just filled it out on one image 👇

How to add embed image in comments?

You can do that by using the comment_text filter. It runs for each comment, so with some regex you can find all links in the comment and loop through them. You make one more check to make sure the link has an image extension (jpg, jpeg, png, etc). If it does, we can embed it … Read more