How to add embed image in comments?

You can do that by using the comment_text filter. It runs for each comment, so with some regex you can find all links in the comment and loop through them. You make one more check to make sure the link has an image extension (jpg, jpeg, png, etc). If it does, we can embed it …

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changing option for all posts

In the option table image_default_link_type is the key for that setting. So you can change its value with filtering. Please see below example. add_filter( ‘option_image_default_link_type’, function () { return ‘file’; }); With this, file will be selected by default when you insert media attachment.

LiteSpeed cache image Optimization

In my experience you can try the following steps: 1. Enable domain validation in the General Settings tab so that it links your domain to the 2. The Auto Request Cron section means that the plugin will automatically submit your images and optimize for you. 3. The error you encountered is because the previous …

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