How to run VBoxManage.exe? [closed]

It’s a pretty sure bet that running an exe file in Linux won’t work. In Windows you do run it from the command prompt. If you get a message about the command not being found then either add the path to the command to your PATH environment variable or specify the full path to the … Read more

Disable caching when serving static files with Nginx (for development)

Since the answer is somehow hidden in the question – here is the solution for nginx in a VirtualBox environment as standalone answer. In your nginx config (usally /etc/nginx/nginx.conf) or vhost config file change the sendfile parameter to off: sendfile off; While sendfile is at the heart of Nginx’s fame (blazing-fast low-level static file serving … Read more

Start VirtualBox and VM in windows boot

I have an example of how to autostart a VirtualBox VM during Windows startup. I’m running Windows 10, but it shouldn’t be much different on Windows Server 2016. The startup folder on my system is: C:\Users\chriwill\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup In that folder I placed a batch file kubuntu.bat with following content: In my example the VM is … Read more

Virtualbox shared folder permissions

Add yourself to the vboxsf group within the guest VM. Solution 1 Run sudo adduser $USER vboxsf from terminal.(On Suse it’s sudo usermod –append –groups vboxsf $USER) To take effect you should log out and then log in, or you may need to reboot. Solution 2 Edit the file /etc/group (you will need root privileges). … Read more

VirtualBox Cannot register the hard disk already exists

I found a solution File -> Virtual Media Manager -> Removed existing images (note, I removed them only from the registry). I followed these steps. After that I could update the path in the VM settings.