Replace Unwanted Space in Post Content URL

I think you should run this query. To replace space with dash. update wp_posts set wp_posts.post_name = REPLACE( wp_posts.post_name, ‘ ‘, ‘-‘ ); Don’t forget to change table_prefix in this. And also, keep a backup on current database before trying.

How to get EVENT based on startday, using BETWEEN

found the solution <3 Used WHERE ‘$startday’ BETWEEN dstart AND dend plus : OR dstart >= ‘$startday’ SELECT * FROM wp_posts, wp_mec_dates AS mecd, wp_icl_translations WHERE wp_posts.ID = mecd.post_id and post_status=”publish” AND wp_icl_translations.language_code=”$lang” AND (‘$startday’ BETWEEN dstart AND dend OR dstart >= ‘$startday’) AND wp_posts.ID = wp_icl_translations.element_id ORDER BY dstart LIMIT 0,6

SQL – JOIN last child

This is the solution I came up with: SELECT child_ID, posts.post_author, wp1.post_author FROM wp_posts posts LEFT JOIN ( SELECT MAX(ID) as child_ID, post_parent FROM wp_posts WHERE post_type=”ticket_reply” GROUP BY post_parent ) sl ON posts.ID = sl.post_parent INNER JOIN wp_posts wp1 on sl.child_ID = wp1.ID WHERE posts.ID = 1499

Creating a “forum” – showing last post or last commented post

You can add the standard taxonomy joins to the query: global $wpdb; $cat_id = 79; // Whatever. $sql = ” select wp_posts.*, coalesce( ( select max(comment_date) from $wpdb->comments wpc where wpc.comment_post_id = ), wp_posts.post_date ) as mcomment_date from $wpdb->posts wp_posts JOIN $wpdb->term_relationships AS tr ON wp_posts.ID = tr.object_id JOIN $wpdb->term_taxonomy AS tt ON tr.term_taxonomy_id … Read more

Sql query returns empty. But not

If you can answer ‘yes’ to the questions in Emetrop’s comment, then try: $sql = $wpdb->get_results(‘SELECT * from table1 WHERE id = $bransId’);

Insert multiple checkbox values

I solve it. public function insertionRow($id){ global $wpdb; $wpdb->query(“INSERT INTO wp_choix_attributs_liste (att_id) VALUES (“.$id.”);”); } In my html with the checkbox. if(isset($_POST[‘sub’])) { foreach ($_POST[‘choixP’] as $id) { self::insertionRow($id); } }

Analog category_and (WP) in sql query

Thanks Milo for the answer! This block of code selects posts that have two categories at the same time. ( ( SELECT COUNT(1) FROM wp_term_relationships WHERE term_taxonomy_id IN (35,33) AND object_id = wp_posts.ID ) = 2 ) Where 35,33 are categories IDs and 2 – number of categories.

blank page after update my theme

A blank page (‘white screen of death’) is usually caused by a fatal error in the PHP code. Since you said that you updated your theme (although it is not clear whether you personally updated the code, or if the theme was updated by the theme developer), then the problem is most likely in the … Read more