How to create specific wordpress Table

There are probably a great number of ways to create such table. It is rather difficult to give an exact answer without knowing all the requirements and specifications. Here are some general level ideas that should get you started. First of all you’ll probably want to create a custom plugin to host all the relevant … Read more

Edit Page button is gone

Check under settings -> reading and select the page where you want to show your blog posts. Then this becomes your blog page. You can set it to the home page or choose a static page for your home page. See more info here: You usually can’t change the layout/content of the blog page … Read more

post_row_actions filter from parent theme not executing in child theme

There has been a major misunderstanding of child themes. Parent and child themes are a WordPress feature, not a PHP feature, and include is a PHP directive, not a WordPress function. To make the distinction and reason clearer child themes don’t inherit a parents “files” they inherit the parents “templates”. So include “inc/duplicate-posts.php”; will always … Read more