CSS Circle with border

Every guide I find has the line and fill the same colour. All I want is a circle with a red line and white fill. I have tried: But cannot get the red border?

Can I change Bootstrap button color?

You need to override your css so you can change the background to black. A simple way to do this is to create a custom css class (you can either put this in a <style type=”text/css”> tag in your HTML or put this in a separate CSS file) Then, give your button these classes

SVG center horizontal and vertical line

For an SVG’s contents to scale with its size, it needs to have a viewBox.  Run code snippetExpand snippet In this example, everything scales, including the line width. If that’s not what you want, then you can either use @SirExotic’s approach (using percentage coordinates), or you could set the lines to not scale by using vector-effect: non-scaling-stroke. …

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When to use margin vs padding in CSS [closed]

TL;DR: By default I use margin everywhere, except when I have a border or background and want to increase the space inside that visible box. To me, the biggest difference between padding and margin is that vertical margins auto-collapse, and padding doesn’t. Consider two elements one above the other each with padding of 1em. This padding is …

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CSS reset – What exactly does it do?

In the beginning, there was no standardisation on how styles worked, each browser implemented what it felt was right. One of the reasons you see so many questions about style errors in IE is because IE was the browser with the most dissimilarities from other browsers in terms of styling. Though IE has improved and …

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