Running plugin unit tests vs. integration tests?

As you’ve found there’s a whole raft of outdated, poor and convoluted information around unit testing in WP currently. However Josh Pollock, a well respected WordPress dev and Core contributor did a YouTube series on testing in WordPress least year which I found very helpful. As I’ve been on the unit testing in WordPress journey … Read more

can I run the test suite without a web server?

You’re on a Mac! You have two of the three components you need for a Web server by default. Apache and PHP. All you need to do now is get MySQL. There are plenty of tutorials on how to do this and can be found with Google. Of course NW Tech recommendation of MAMP is … Read more

Testing performance of WordPress files

No. And even if there was, it would be probably useless anyway. You would get incorrect results, because a .php file might call slow functions from WordPress core files, and there are a lot of situations like this. You could try using the xdebug extension, it’s pretty close to what you’re looking for

Available methods for a/b testing the content

I don’t think it is common enough task for there to be generic recommendations in WordPress area. Taking the more specific part of your question — manipulating template is certainly possible and quite common. Any template (being loaded in native fashion) will have to go through template_include filter Results of single template specifically will go … Read more