can I run the test suite without a web server?

You’re on a Mac! You have two of the three components you need for a Web server by default. Apache and PHP. All you need to do now is get MySQL. There are plenty of tutorials on how to do this and can be found with Google. Of course NW Tech recommendation of MAMP is …

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How to properly maintain a testing version of a site?

Although I usually use a similar approach, I suggest you give sqlyog a try if you are in need of a professional solution that can quickly deploy mysql databases: For content, use rsync, which is the fastest way to synchronize local and online. Hope it helps. Good luck.

Unable to find PHPUnit code coverage stats

You may not have the xdebug PHP extension enabled. When I run the tests without xdebug enabled on PHPUnit 4.8.26, I get this message: Warning: The Xdebug extension is not loaded No code coverage will be generated. It looks like VVV comes with xdebug though, so it is probably enabled by default. But perhaps you …

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