How to run only one unit test class using Gradle

To run a single test class Airborn’s answer is good. With using some command line options, which found here, you can simply do something like this. From version 1.10 of gradle it supports selecting tests, using a test filter. For example, For multi-flavor environments (a common use-case for Android), check this answer, as the –tests argument will be unsupported and …

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How can I test that a variable is more than eight characters in PowerShell?

Use the length property of the [String] type: Please note that you have to use -gt instead of > in your if condition. PowerShell uses the following comparison operators to compare values and test conditions: -eq = equals (==) -ne = not equals (!=) -lt = less than (<) -gt = greater than (>) -le = less than or equals (<=) -ge = greater than or equals (>=)

What’s the difference between a mock & stub?

Stub I believe the biggest distinction is that a stub you have already written with predetermined behavior. So you would have a class that implements the dependency (abstract class or interface most likely) you are faking for testing purposes and the methods would just be stubbed out with set responses. They would not do anything …

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