download and install visual studio 2008

Ok, this may be the dumbest question ever, but I swear I searched for the answer and don’t know what to do. I need to install Visual Studio 2008. The free version. I need it in order to compile something. Microsoft has a download page with a big red “download” button. This button then proceeds to … Read more

Command to collapse all sections of code?

CTRL + M + O will collapse all. CTRL + M + L will expand all. (in VS 2013 – Toggle All outlining) CTRL + M + P will expand all and disable outlining. CTRL + M + M will collapse/expand the current section. CTRL + M + A will collapse all even in Html files. These controls are also in the context menu under Outlining. Right click in editor -> Outlining to find these controls. (After disabling outlining, use … Read more

What does purpose use #ifdef and #if in C++

The meaning of #ifdef is that the code inside the block will be included in the compilation only if the mentioned preprocessor macro is defined. Similarily #if means that the block will be included only if the expression evaluates to true (when replacing undefined macros that appears in the expression with 0). One important point here is that the … Read more

What is “stdafx.h” used for in Visual Studio?

All C++ compilers have one serious performance problem to deal with. Compiling C++ code is a long, slow process. Compiling headers included on top of C++ files is a very long, slow process. Compiling the huge header structures that form part of Windows API and other large API libraries is a very, very long, slow process. To have to do … Read more

What’s the difference between Visual Studio Community and other, paid versions?

There are 2 major differences. Technical Licensing Technical, there are 3 major differences: First and foremost, Community doesn’t have TFS support.You’ll just have to use git (arguable whether this constitutes a disadvantage or whether this actually is a good thing).Note: This is what MS wrote. Actually, you can check-in&out with TFS as normal, if you have … Read more

What are the differences between Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio?

Visual Studio (full version) is a “full-featured” and “convenient” development environment. Visual Studio (free “Express” versions – only until 2017) are feature-centered and simplified versions of the full version. Feature-centered meaning that there are different versions (Visual Studio Web Developer, Visual Studio C#, etc.) depending on your goal. Visual Studio (free Community edition – since 2015) is a … Read more