Automatic WordPress Login of Logged In ClickFunnels User

I have a client for whom I am building a ClickFunnel with the member area in LearnDash, an LMS that runs on WordPress. A key feature of this funnel is the ability to: Automatically add ClickFunnel customer to LearnDash membership for purchased product (done) Automatically create a WordPress Subscriber account upon successful purchase (done) Automatically … Read more

What’s the best way to check if a file exists in C?

Look up the access() function, found in unistd.h. You can replace your function with You can also use R_OK, W_OK, and X_OK in place of F_OK to check for read permission, write permission, and execute permission (respectively) rather than existence, and you can OR any of them together (i.e. check for both read and write permission using R_OK|W_OK) Update: Note that on Windows, you can’t use W_OK to reliably … Read more

What is “stdafx.h” used for in Visual Studio?

All C++ compilers have one serious performance problem to deal with. Compiling C++ code is a long, slow process. Compiling headers included on top of C++ files is a very long, slow process. Compiling the huge header structures that form part of Windows API and other large API libraries is a very, very long, slow process. To have to do … Read more