PHP – how to create a newline character?

Only double quoted strings interpret the escape sequences \r and \n as ‘0x0D’ and ‘0x0A’ respectively, so you want: Single quoted strings, on the other hand, only know the escape sequences \\ and \’. So unless you concatenate the single quoted string with a line break generated elsewhere (e. g., using double quoted string “\r\n” or using chr function chr(0x0D).chr(0x0A)), the only other way to have a line break …

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What is the significance of the number, 32767?

32767 + 1 is a power of 2 Binary representation of numbers uses powers of 2. So, in an 4-bit structure, 0101 is 2^0 x 1, 2^1 x 0, 2^2 x 1, and 2^3 x 0 which is 5. The MSB is used for sign and unsigned integers.


PHP uses one of two methods to keep track of sessions. If cookies are enabled, like in your case, it uses them. If cookies are disabled, it uses the URL. Although this can be done securely, it’s harder and it often, well, isn’t. See, e.g., session fixation. Search for it, you will get lots of SEO advice. The conventional wisdom …

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Deprecated: mysql_connect()

There are a few solutions to your problem. The way with MySQLi would be like this: To run database queries is also simple and nearly identical with the old way: Turn off all deprecated warnings including them from mysql_*: The Exact file and line location which needs to be replaced is “/System/Startup.php > line: 2 …

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How to fix ‘Notice: Undefined index:’ in PHP form action

Assuming you only copy/pasted the relevant code and your form includes <form method=”POST”> If _POST is not set the filename variable won’t be either in the above example. An alternative way: In this example filename is set regardless of the situation with _POST. This should demonstrate the use of isset nicely. More information here: