Updating WordPress [closed]


Never modify the database options directly. Instead, to deactivate all of your plugins, FTP to your site and rename the /plugins directory as /plugins-1 or something along those lines. WordPress will automatically deactivate them the next time you try to load the site, then you can change the name back to /plugins.


There are several steps your should take to debug an update:

1 – Deactivate Plugins

You seem to have done this already. Good job.

2 – Activate the Default Theme

Some themes aren’t compatible with newer versions of WordPress. Switch your active theme from whatever it is now to TwentyEleven (the default that ships with WordPress 3.2.X). If this fixes the problem, then the problem was your theme.

3 – Ask For Help

For the record, the WordPress Answers StackExchange is not a support forum.

If you need specific help with your site, go to the official support forums and ask. Make sure you detail, step-by-step, exactly what you did, what error messages you saw, and what problems you’re facing.

“A lot of plugins are giving errors” doesn’t help us at all if we don’t know what errors you’re seeing. Many times, these errors will tell us what went wrong so we can then help you fix the problem.

LAST – Restore from Backups

You did back things up before you ran the upgrade, right? This is exactly the reason WordPress lists this message on the update screen:

WordPress Update Warning

So restore your site back to it’s pre-update state by re-installing the older version of WordPress and restoring your database from the backup file.