Difference between import numpy and import numpy as np

numpy is the top package name, and doing import numpy doesn’t import submodule numpy.f2py.

When you do import numpy it creats a link that points to numpy, but numpy is not further linked to f2py. The link is established when you do import numpy.f2py

In your above code:

import numpy as np # np is an alias pointing to numpy, but at this point numpy is not linked to numpy.f2py
import numpy.f2py as myf2py # this command makes numpy link to numpy.f2py. myf2py is another alias pointing to numpy.f2py as well

Here is the difference between import numpy.f2py and import numpy.f2py as myf2py:

  • import numpy.f2py
    • put numpy into local symbol table(pointing to numpy), and numpy is linked to numpy.f2py
    • both numpy and numpy.f2py are accessible
  • import numpy.f2py as myf2py
    • put my2py into local symbol table(pointing to numpy.f2py)
    • Its parent numpy is not added into local symbol table. Therefore you can not access numpy directly

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