Failed to load PDF document in Chrome

We had object:none in our security policy inside web.config, that was causing chrome to refuse to open it, and pressing f12 in chrome and then click “console” shows the error message.

Changing web.config security policy to object:self fixed the problem

In our case we could open PDFs in firefox and IE but not in Chrome, so Chrome has a stricter implementation of the security policies.

The below is a suggested edit which I have not tested:

You may also find that Chrome has a problem with the header of the name: Content-Type value: charset=utf-8. Removing it may fix it.

Also, as you are testing this, make sure that cache is not interfering with the response by keep on changing the request URL to something new sitename/pdfName.pdf?val=1 and then with the next test, ?val=2 and so on…

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