Theme using masonry layout script rendering overlaped images in Google Chrome [closed]

I can’t find any reference about it but it seems Google Chrome (v 21.0.1180.60) do need specified image sizes, in image tag or passing this in css (either class or local): style=”display:block;width:333px;height:333px” Or: container.img { display:block;width:333px;height:333px } Maybe this issue has something to do with this question, but I’m not sure. They say images need … Read more

Google CSE Malfunctions via Chrome/Safari on Mobile When Clicking on Either Search Icon/Menu Icon. How to Make Google CSE Default Theme Search

I found a fix for the issue. On a separate forum, someone said it sounds like the script which is supposed to fire when you click the icon is falling over. That indeed is what it was. A plugin called SG Optimizer added code into my .htaccess file deferring render-blocking JS so I deactivated that … Read more