Google Chrome forcing download of “f.txt” file

After updating to Chrome 40.0.2214.111, variably when I visit certain Google related sites (like and get presented with an ad before the video), the browser downloads a file named f.txt.

I do not have any adblock plugins installed.

f.txt contains a few lines of JavaScript…starting with:

if (!window.mraid) {document.write('\x3cdiv class="GoogleActiveViewClass" ' +'id="DfaVisibilityIdentifier_3851468350"\x3e');}document.write('\x3ca target\x3d\x22_blank\x22 href\x3d\x22\x3dAKAOjsvDhmmoi2r124JkMyiBGALWfUlTX-zFA1gEdFeZDgdS3JKiEDPl3iIYGtj9Tv2yTJtASqD6S-yqbuNQH5u6fXm4rThyCZ0plv9SXM-UPKJgH4KSS08c97Eim4i45ewgN9OoG3E_ 

In looking up the issue on Google, others have experienced the same, but I have not found any resolution or understanding of why this is happening. I assume it is a content-disposition related bug with some of the JS files loaded on the page, and will clear up in a future patch.

Wondering if anybody else had experienced / insight.

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