How to correct TypeError: Unicode-objects must be encoded before hashing?

It is probably looking for a character encoding from wordlistfile.

wordlistfile = open(wordlist,"r",encoding='utf-8')

Or, if you’re working on a line-by-line basis:



Per the comment below and this answer.

My answer above assumes that the desired output is a str from the wordlist file. If you are comfortable in working in bytes, then you’re better off using open(wordlist, "rb"). But it is important to remember that your hashfile should NOT use rb if you are comparing it to the output of hexdigest. hashlib.md5(value).hashdigest() outputs a str and that cannot be directly compared with a bytes object: 'abc' != b'abc'. (There’s a lot more to this topic, but I don’t have the time ATM).

It should also be noted that this line:

line.replace("\n", "")

Should probably be


That will work for both bytes and str’s. But if you decide to simply convert to bytes, then you can change the line to:

line.replace(b"\n", b"")

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