Initializing an array of objects

I’m currently working on a card game, and I’m having trouble with some initialization code:

// in my class...
Card cards[20];
// in method...
for(int i = 0; i <= 20;i++)
    cards++ = new Card(i, /*i as char +*/ "_Card.bmp");

The trouble is that my compiler’s telling me that cards++ is not an l-value. I’ve read up on the whole pointer-array equivalence thing, and I thought I understood it, but alas, I can’t get it to work. My understanding is that since cards degrades to a pointer, and the new operator gives me a pointer to the location of my new instance of Card, then the above code should compile. Right?

I’ve tried using a subscript as well, but isn’t cards+i, cards++, and cards[i] just 3 ways of saying the same thing? I thought that each of those were l-values and are treated as pointers.

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