What does arg mean in WordPress

It is just the naming convention which increases code readability. you can replace it with any name it won’t affect your code. Example I: Example II: Both the code example I and II will have same output, but first example has a good user readability and if you have a long method/code then after seeing … Read more

Array of Linked Lists C++

That returns a bunch of unallocated pointers. Your top level array is fine, but its elements are still uninitialized pointers, so when you do this: You invoke undefined behavior. You’re dereferencing an uninitialized pointer. You allocated the array properly, now you need to allocate each pointer, i.e., As an aside, I realize that you’re learning, … Read more

Using the Pythagorean theorem with Java

I’m trying to create this program that essentially solves the 3rd value of a right triangle. So the hypotenuse will always be 1, and one of the values (lets call it ‘x’) will be greater than or equal to -1 but less than or equal to 1. First, I created a loop to include all … Read more

Remove empty array elements

As you’re dealing with an array of strings, you can simply use array_filter(), which conveniently handles all this for you: Keep in mind that if no callback is supplied, all entries of array equal to FALSE (see converting to boolean) will be removed. So if you need to preserve elements that are i.e. exact string … Read more

Convert an array to string

You can join your array using the following: Then you can output anyway you want. You can change the comma to what ever you want, a space, a pipe, or whatever.