How to open a “-” dashed filename using terminal?

This type of approach has a lot of misunderstanding because using – as an argument refers to STDIN/STDOUT i.e dev/stdin or dev/stdout .So if you want to open this type of file you have to specify the full location of the file such as ./- .For eg. , if you want to see what is in that file use cat ./-

How do I sort a dictionary by value?

Python 3.7+ or CPython 3.6 Dicts preserve insertion order in Python 3.7+. Same in CPython 3.6, but it’s an implementation detail. or Older Python It is not possible to sort a dictionary, only to get a representation of a dictionary that is sorted. Dictionaries are inherently orderless, but other types, such as lists and tuples, are …

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Why is it not possible to fake an IP address?

It is fully possible to send data with a fake sender IP. You’ll have a hard time getting replies though, since the replies will be sent to the fake IP and never reach you. Additionally, if you send data with a “from” IP that a router doesn’t expect to arrive from you, the router will …

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Why there is no do while loop in python

There is no do…while loop because there is no nice way to define one that fits in the statement: indented block pattern used by every other Python compound statement. As such proposals to add such syntax have never reached agreement. Nor is there really any need to have such a construct, not when you can just do: and have the exact …

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How to format strings in Java

In addition to String.format, also take a look java.text.MessageFormat. The format less terse and a bit closer to the C# example you’ve provided and you can use it for parsing as well. For example: A nicer example takes advantage of the varargs and autoboxing improvements in Java 1.5 and turns the above into a one-liner: MessageFormat is …

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Using or ‘|’ in regex [duplicate]

It’s because you are trying to match against the entire string instead of the part to find. For example, this code will find that only a part of the string is conforming to the present regex: When you want to match an entire string and check if that string contains he|be|de use this regex .*(he|be|de).* . means …

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Istio Ingress resulting in “no healthy upstream”

Although this is a somewhat general error resulting from a routing issue within an improper Istio setup, I will provide a general solution/piece of advice to anyone coming across the same issue. In my case the issue was due to incorrect route rule configuration, the Kubernetes native services were functioning however the Istio routing rules …

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