Praw & The bot keep sending the same meme. I want the bot to send different meme whenever it is asked

There is no need for you to iterate over anything. Praw provides a method which allows you to grab a random submission from a subreddit.

Documentation: random()


async def on_message(message):
    if == nd.user:
    def findCoindences(w):
        return re.compile(r'\b({0})\b'.format(w)).search
    content = message.content
    reaction = "👍"
    if findCoindences('meme')(content.lower()):
        random_submission = reddit.subreddit('memes').random()
        await message.reply(random_submission.url)
        await message.add_reaction(f"<{reaction}>")

Note: I have move the random_submission inside the If-statement because there is no need for you to look up a submission if the message doesn’t say “meme”. It would just waste rate limit.

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