Pullquote Block Styles disappeared?

The solid colour pullquote style had been deprecated and removed in 2021, and was removed in favor of more comprehensive options based on block style options:

Given that we can now achieve border and background variations using block supports, we’re removing the existing styles and adding a textAlign attribute to compensate.


If you really wanted, you could try to bring it back via a block variation or block style using code, but it would be a brand new style or variation, not the old style switched back on.

For future reference, testing with the Gutenberg plugin can help avoid these things being surprises.

as it is written in the documentation:

Both yes and no, some parts of that article show the newer interface, but there is indeed a mention of it in text further below.

WordPress.org is not an infallible perfectly up to date documentation source, although it is the closest we have. It’s likely to be one of the following:

  • someone updated the article but didn’t notice the reference further down ( most likely )
  • something was kept behind for users still on older versions of WordPress ( less likely)

You should file a report on the .org meta Trac that there is a bug/inconsistency in the documentation for that page, and an out of date screenshot, including links.