Shortcode attributes from meta query variables

Use the attribute value to decide today and tomorrow like:

Code explanation: Instead of today and tomorrow naming in shortcode, I’m using show_for in this answer. Based on show_for value we can update the meta query later on. In the code, I checked if show_for is set by user or it exists in the $atts array. If yes, I set the $prog_time variable based on the $atts['show_for'] value. If no, I set the default value for $prog_time.

if(isset($atts['show_for'])) { 
 switch($atts['show_for']) {
   case 'today' : $prog_time = current_time("Y-m-d"); break; 
   case 'tomorrow' : $prog_time = date("Y-m-d", strtotime('tomorrow')); break;
   default : $prog_time = current_time("Y-m-d"); break; 
} else { 
  $prog_time = current_time("Y-m-d"); 

Now, there is no need to use $today and $tomorrow separately. Use only $prog_time instead of $today in the meta query.

        'meta_query' => array(
                'key'       => 'prog_date_time',
                'value'     => $prog_time, // updated here; will have dynamic time as decided in switch clause
                'compare'   => '=',
                'type'      => 'DATE',

Your shortcode call will be like:

  • [prognostika_home_loop show_for="today"]
  • [prognostika_home_loop show_for="tomorrow"]
  • and you can configure many in switch clause for passed, yesterday, etc.

Additional Notes:

  • Since you’re using Y-m-d format, make sure prog_date_time (while saving post meta) value is also set/updated with the same format for matching.
  • If you’ve multiple attributes, setting default values for attributes is recommended.