Get field added via attachment_fields_to_edit filter in Gutenberg

Yes, you’re right that the slimImageObject function is the reason why you’re seeing/getting only those limited list of props. But don’t worry, you can use ‘core’ ).getMedia( <attachment id> ) to get the attribution meta (and any other meta or props in the full attachment object). Here’s an example that worked for me:, … Read more

Display file size and type on page or post with attachments

you can use within your page or post template and also replace $attachment_id with the ID of the attachment you want to display information for. // Assuming $attachment_id contains the ID of the attachment $attachment_metadata = wp_get_attachment_metadata($attachment_id); if ($attachment_metadata) { // Get file size in bytes $file_size = filesize(get_attached_file($attachment_id)); // Convert file size to human-readable … Read more

wp_mail attachment not working in wordpress

You don’t need to know the file names before, you’ll have access to them. I saw you using $subject = $_POST[‘subject’]; – this means the subject will be the value of the input with the name of “subject”. In your case, this one : <input id=”subject” class=”form-control” name=”subject” type=”text” /></div> We can use the same … Read more

Disable Attachment Page Except for Category

The problem is that is_category does not do what you thought it does. is_category( ‘keep’ ) tests that the current page is a category archive for the category keep, it does not check if the current attachment/post is in the keep category. The official WordPress developers docs for is_category start with: Determines whether the query … Read more

Media library upload hook

I think what you need is media_upload_{$type} hook. Here’s the documentation for it: There’s also an easier way to achieve a similar result, by using the filter wp_handle_upload which is really straightforward. Here’s the doc about it: If you could provide more details about the result you want to achieve, I’ll try my … Read more