Can we validate user email changes?

You can use this hook to send a mail to your old email address <?php add_action( ‘profile_update’, ‘my_profile_update’, 10, 2 ); function my_profile_update( $user_id, $old_user_data ) { //Load new user data by uid and compare with old data // Email code about profile changes } ?> I think this should work for you.

Get emails of register user in WordPress

The user table column you are searching for is user_email $emails = new WP_User_Query( array( ‘fields’ => array( ‘display_name’, ‘user_email’, ), // you don’t want everything, right? ‘orderby’ => ’email’, // ‘user_email’ works as well ‘order’ => ‘ASC’, // default: ‘DESC’ ‘number’ => 10, // total amount of users to return ‘offset’ => 0, // …

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