How to normalize a mantissa

A floating point number is normalized when we force the integer part of its mantissa to be exactly 1 and allow its fraction part to be whatever we like. For example, if we were to take the number 13.25, which is 1101.01 in binary, 1101 would be the integer part and 01 would be the fraction part. I could represent 13.25 as 1101.01*(2^0), but this isn’t normalized because the … Read more

Convert float to double without losing precision

It’s not that you’re actually getting extra precision – it’s that the float didn’t accurately represent the number you were aiming for originally. The double is representing the original float accurately; toString is showing the “extra” data which was already present. For example (and these numbers aren’t right, I’m just making things up) suppose you … Read more

Is there a float input type in HTML5?

The number type has a step value controlling which numbers are valid (along with max and min), which defaults to 1. This value is also used by implementations for the stepper buttons (i.e. pressing up increases by step). Simply change this value to whatever is appropriate. For money, two decimal places are probably expected: (I’d also set min=0 if it can only be positive) If you’d … Read more