Best approach to create a customized page

The only reason custom templates would not be searchable is if they stored significant amounts of content in postmeta fields, instead of the main content field. To have customizable layouts whose contents are still fully indexable by default WP search, use the Block Editor. You can create custom blocks if needed, but even the Core … Read more

How to display WordPress Twenty Twenty-Four’s built-in custom field in a post (or page)?

WordPress’s Twenty Twenty-Four theme makes it possible to add custom fields directly in the editor This UI is not coming from TwentyTwentyFour, and was added to WP decades ago: It predates 2024/2023 and was even present when the original Kubrick theme was the default theme, this is because it’s a part of WordPress itself. … Read more

Unload templates; disable parent Template Parts using only “theme.json”

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to disable certain template parts in a child theme using theme.json in WordPress with Gutenberg? Using only theme.json this is not possible, and runs counter to the vision for full site editing. In the future it’s possible that not only the parent theme templates might be visible, but … Read more

Disabling Full Site Editor (FSE)

No, because the site editor is turned off by default. Unless you’re building a block theme, or declare that your theme supports block templates in PHP/theme.json, it doesn’t apply to you. WP version 6.2 (almost released) has many new features, including a more enhanced Full Site Editor (FSE). This is not true, 6.2 removes the … Read more