Communcation with wordrpess and linux server [closed]

Its just PHP dude, if you want to do this, just google it. But, why do you want to do this? Can you be more specific? Because, PHP can retrieve this data, but depending on what you want to do, you’ll have to use some JS to show this data, retrieve with PHP and show … Read more

How to remove all plugins, posts, pages, and inactive themes in one line with wp-cli? WordPress bloatware removal

I’d love any improvements, or hopefully this helps someone. wp post delete $(wp post list –post_type=”post” –format=ids);wp post delete $(wp post list –post_type=”page” –format=ids);wp plugin delete –all;wp theme delete $(wp theme list –status=inactive –field=name);wp widget delete $(wp widget list sidebar-1 –fields=id);wp widget delete $(wp widget list sidebar-2 –fields=id) edit: added removal of default widgets in … Read more

How to handle relative urls correctly with a reverse proxy

The Apache ProxyPassRewrite does not rewrite the response bodies received from, only headers (like redirects to a 404 page and such). A number of alternatives: One) Rewrite the internal app to use relative paths instead of absolute. i.e. ../css/style.css instead of /css/style.css Two) Redeploy the internal app in a the same subdirectory /folder rather … Read more