kali php problem [closed]

The use of curly braces ({}) in accessing an array index or string offset was deprecated in PHP 7.4 and later versions. You need to use square brackets ([]) instead. Update the code on line 82 (or there about) in call.php to fix the offending use of {}.

Communcation with wordrpess and linux server [closed]

Its just PHP dude, if you want to do this, just google it. But, why do you want to do this? Can you be more specific? Because, PHP can retrieve this data, but depending on what you want to do, you’ll have to use some JS to show this data, retrieve with PHP and show … Read more

Check WordPress size on disk

Why using a plugin for that? You can set a function to calculate the size of the 2 installations. The size of abc.com will include also the size of the other installation, but then you can subtract the smallest from the largest. $path = ABSPATH; $size = foldersize($path); function folderSize ($dir) { $size = 0; … Read more

504/502 errors plauging our site

If you think a plugin is causing the problem, disable all plugins by renaming the wp-content/plugins folder. Then put the plugins (in the subfolders of wp-content/plugins) back into a new wp-content/plugins folder. Do a couple/three at a time to see if you can find a bad plugin. You might also reload WP 4.7.2 via the … Read more

WordPress home page showing 404 error

Try checking what your front page is set to in Settings > Reading. It should either have the your latest posts option selected, or the static page option selected and the front page set to a valid page. Edit: Wait… the http://www.walkerpoolenixon.com/wordpress url you provided doesn’t exist! Maybe you mean http://www.walkerpoolenixon.com/?