Loading a remote WP website to Netbeans

File > New Project Categories select ‘PHP’ Project select ‘PHP Application from Remote Server’ click ‘Next’ and give the project a name and specify where local/downloaded files will be stored. click next Enter Project URL, and upload path on remote server (this probably be just / if WP is installed at root of the domain) … Read more

Do We Need to Validate, Sanitize, or Filter Simple Numerical Superglobals (Cookies and Post)?

Without reading the question, just from the title, the answer is YES. Any input from the outside world should be validated and sanitized where appropriate, and this include inpude the server recieves the fact that it might have been generated in a form you designed is irrelevant. Input should never be trusted. Now about internal … Read more

No Main class found in NetBeans

Right click on your Project in the project explorer Click on properties Click on Run Make sure your Main Class is the one you want to be the entry point. (Make sure to use the fully qualified name i.e. mypackage.MyClass) Click OK. Run Project 🙂 If you just want to run the file, right click … Read more

Exception in thread “main” java.net.BindException: Address already in use – Error in Netbeans only

The way to achieve what I want is to right-click on the particular class (ex. Server.java) that I want to run and select “Run this file”. This enables me to run only the Server app. Then, do the same process for the other file, Client.java. However, Netbeans is somewhat confusing/deceiving in this particular circumstance. What Netbeans does … Read more

Stray end tag “head”

you need to understand — the <head> element defines attributes that are used by the browser, but are not directly visible in the page. The <title> attribute defines the title shown on your browser tab. After you close the <head> tag, you should open the <body> tag, in which all the content to be shown … Read more