Simplify Chained Comparison

In Python you can “chain” comparison operations which just means they are “and”ed together. In your case, it’d be like this: Reference:

Is there a Variable Explorer for PyCharm

The variable list is available in the python console Tools –> Run Python Console… as shown in the screen shot below. Similar functionality for showing variables and watched variables is available in the debugger console.

How to remove project in PyCharm?

Just follow these steps in order. They assume you currently have the project open in a PyCharm window: Close your project by clicking on File -> Close Project Locate your project in the PyCharm file directory Delete your project’s directory I agree that PyCharm’s handling of what should be a very simple procedure is crappy. …

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Pycharm and sys.argv arguments

In PyCharm the parameters are added in the Script Parameters as you did but, they are enclosed in double quotes “” and without specifying the Interpreter flags like -s. Those flags are specified in the Interpreter options box. Script Parameters box contents: Interpeter flags: Or, visually: Then, with a simple test file to evaluate: We …

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Why does pycharm propose to change method to static

PyCharm “thinks” that you might have wanted to have a static method, but you forgot to declare it to be static (using the @staticmethod decorator). PyCharm proposes this because the method does not use self in its body and hence does not actually change the class instance. Hence the method could be static, i.e. callable without passing a class instance or without even …

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