Python 3.6 No module named pip

On Fedora 25 Python 3.6 comes as a minimalistic version without pip and without additional dnf installable modules. But you can manually install pip: After that you can use it as python3.6 -m pip or just pip3.6.

Why Python 3.6.1 throws AttributeError: module ‘enum’ has no attribute ‘IntFlag’?

It’s because your enum is not the standard library enum module. You probably have the package enum34 installed. One way check if this is the case is to inspect the property enum.__file__ Since python 3.6 the enum34 library is no longer compatible with the standard library. The library is also unnecessary, so you can simply uninstall it. If you need the code … Read more

Are dictionaries ordered in Python 3.6+?

Are dictionaries ordered in Python 3.6+? They are insertion ordered[1]. As of Python 3.6, for the CPython implementation of Python, dictionaries remember the order of items inserted. This is considered an implementation detail in Python 3.6; you need to use OrderedDict if you want insertion ordering that’s guaranteed across other implementations of Python (and other ordered behavior[1]). As of Python 3.7, this … Read more