How can I convert a .py to .exe for Python?

I’m trying to convert a fairly simple Python program to an executable and couldn’t find what I was looking for, so I have a few questions (I’m running Python 3.6):

The methods of doing this that I have found so far are as follows

  1. downloading an old version of Python and using pyinstaller/py2exe
  2. setting up a virtual environment in Python 3.6 that will allow me to do 1.
  3. downloading a Python to C++ converter and using that.

Here is what I’ve tried/what problems I’ve run into.

  • I installed pyinstaller before the required download before it (pypi-something) so it did not work. After downloading the prerequisite file, pyinstaller still does not recognize it.
  • If I’m setting up a virtualenv in Python 2.7, do I actually need to have Python 2.7 installed?
  • similarly, the only python to C++ converters I see work only up until Python 3.5 – do I need to download and use this version if attempting this?

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