Run WordPress Plugin in the Specified time

As you mentioned, WordPress by default only runs the wp_cron when the WordPress site is visited. This of course will cause problems if you are needing to schedule some event reliably, and you aren’t getting consistent traffic to your site. To resolve this, you can disable the default functionality of the wordpress cron by adding …

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How to Insert data with wp cron

First you can to create a schedule for one minute, then bind function with that hook. function add_new_intervals($schedules) { // add weekly and monthly intervals $schedules[‘every_single_minutes’] = array( ‘interval’ => 60, ‘display’ => __(‘Every Minute’) ); return $schedules; } add_filter( ‘cron_schedules’, ‘add_new_intervals’); // To schedule event for this minute event wp_schedule_event( current_time( ‘timestamp’ ), ‘every_single_minutes’, …

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Huge cron option_value into wp_options table

This could be caused by many different things, as well as a result of a broken cron setup, where actions are being scheduled, but never run. The best way forward is to try and understand what is actually being scheduled or rescheduled, what are the action names? If you can find the action names, you’ll …

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couldn’t connect to host – wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron

You should open a support ticket with your host, as it’s probably related to their environment. From the error, it sounds to me like they might be blocking curl in their environment, probably for security reasons. They may be able to unblock it, or you may need to find an alternative.