Is there a hook that I can use when a fatal error occurs?

Look into the WP_Fatal_Error_Handler class. I see a couple of filters in its display_default_error_template() method that might be helpful for you: wp_php_error_args wp_php_error_message The entire class is a drop-in, so if you need to you can replace it entirely with your own version, but I think one of those filters—probably wp_php_error_args—might be what you’re looking … Read more

Hook function when taxonomy terms change

You can avoid infinite loop by removing the action before calling update post function. function maybe_disable_comment($post_id) { // do you check if the post has specific custom tax term. if ( ! has_term( ‘bar’, ‘YOUR_CUSTOM_TAX’, $post_id ) ) { return false; } // remove the filter that will create infinite loop. remove_action( ‘wp_insert_post’, ‘maybe_disable_comment’ ); … Read more

Search WordPress Hook for completed Elementor Update

If I understand correctly, you want to do this: add_action(‘upgrader_process_complete’, ‘my_clear_elementor_cache’); function my_clear_elementor_cache() { // Make sure that Elementor loaded and the hook fired if (did_action(‘elementor/loaded’)) { // Automatically purge and regenerate the Elementor CSS cache \Elementor\Plugin::instance()->files_manager->clear_cache(); } }