wp.getUsers XML-RPC method is returning only 50 users, how can i get all the users

I’m unable to find a XML-RPC method called wp.getUsers in wp-includes/class-wp-xmlrpc-server.php. Could it be, that you’re using an additional plugin that extends the basic behavior of WordPress? A simple google search for ‘wp.getUsers’ points me to the the github repo of Max Cutler and the class wp-xmlrpc-modernization. There you have a method wp.getUsers which accepts …

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How to play a sound using Swift?

Most preferably you might want to use AVFoundation. It provides all the essentials for working with audiovisual media. Update: Compatible with Swift 2, Swift 3 and Swift 4 as suggested by some of you in the comments. Swift 2.3 Swift 3 Swift 4 (iOS 13 compatible) Make sure to change the name of your tune as well as the extension. The file needs to …

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Prepare for Segue in Swift

This seems to be due to a problem in the UITableViewController subclass template. It comes with a version of the prepareForSegue method that would require you to unwrap the segue. Replace your current prepareForSegue function with: This version implicitly unwraps the parameters, so you should be fine.

mailto link with HTML body

As you can see in RFC 6068, this is not possible at all: The special <hfname> “body” indicates that the associated <hfvalue> is the body of the message. The “body” field value is intended to contain the content for the first text/plain body part of the message. The “body” pseudo header field is primarily intended for the generation of short …

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Alert”Developer tools access needs to take control of another process for debugging to continue.Type your password to allow this.”

The first time you launched XCode, it probably asked you if you wanted to enable Developer Mode on this mac. If you accepted, then it asked you for your password, and you stopped getting this kind of warning. Chances are good that you declined, and now it has to explicitly ask you for permission every …

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Download Xcode simulator directly

Clicking on Download in Xcode didn’t do anything – the progress bar did not progress (does that make it a regress bar?). This is what worked for me: Open Xcode, open preferences, go to the Components section. Open the Console App, clear the console. Go back to the Xcode preferences. Start the simulator download, then …

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