Automatically changing a posts status to draft based on magic fields [closed]

For cron jobs, take a look at the Transients API. The rest could maybe be acchieved with something like the following. I have never ever used the transient API before and code’s not tested. function set_post_to_draft() { global $post; if ( get_post_meta( $post->ID, ‘set_to_draft_key’ ) == true ); return $post->post_status == ‘draft’; } set_transient( ‘post_to_draft_transient’, … Read more

Modal pop-up HTML code works on other sites or HTML viewers but not in the custom HTML block within a wordpress page?

There are a couple of issues with what you are trying to do. See this for reference: WordPress support for Custom HTML blocks First, you cannot reliably add JS code directly into any block, which is intended only for HTML and text. While the script tags may technically be HTML, your JS code certainly is … Read more