Bulk delete media by year

We tried with couple of plugins , but there isn’t any with option to bulk delete images by month or year. If you have access to wp-cli you can try to delete attachments by year and month with: wp post delete $(wp post list –post_type=”attachment” -—year=2016 -—monthnum=12 –format=ids) or just by year with: wp post … Read more

Trigger function without awaiting response?

Since the program can be run from the command-line and no response is needed, using exec() does the job. http://php.net/manual/en/function.exec.php The first example in the comments (below) was used to run my command-line program on payment submission. The program launches and the user never awaits its completion. Shouldn’t matter if your machine is Windows or … Read more

How to remove all plugins, posts, pages, and inactive themes in one line with wp-cli? WordPress bloatware removal

I’d love any improvements, or hopefully this helps someone. wp post delete $(wp post list –post_type=”post” –format=ids);wp post delete $(wp post list –post_type=”page” –format=ids);wp plugin delete –all;wp theme delete $(wp theme list –status=inactive –field=name);wp widget delete $(wp widget list sidebar-1 –fields=id);wp widget delete $(wp widget list sidebar-2 –fields=id) edit: added removal of default widgets in … Read more

wp-cli for Creating page-template

wp-cli is not a development tool, it is a server admin tool, as such all the scaffold stuff there is…. for lack of better word, unneeded bloat. It is unlikely to reflect best practice, especially if your copy is old. In the specific case of page templates, there is really nothing worth “scaffolding” the easiest … Read more