TensorFlow not found using pip

I found this to finally work. Edit 1: This was tested on Windows (8, 8.1, 10), Mac and Linux. Change python3 to python according to your configuration. Change py3 to py2 in the url if you are using Python 2.x. Edit 2: A list of different versions if someone needs: https://storage.googleapis.com/tensorflow Edit 3: A list of urls for the available wheel packages is available … Read more

How to create a density plot in matplotlib?

Sven has shown how to use the class gaussian_kde from Scipy, but you will notice that it doesn’t look quite like what you generated with R. This is because gaussian_kde tries to infer the bandwidth automatically. You can play with the bandwidth in a way by changing the function covariance_factor of the gaussian_kde class. First, … Read more

What does sys.stdin read?

So you have used Python’s “pre built in functions”, presumably like this: This reads the file by invoking an iterator on the file object which happens to return the next line from the file. You could instead use: which reads the lines from the current file position into a list. Now, sys.stdin is just another file object, which happens … Read more

Meaning of @classmethod and @staticmethod for beginner?

Though classmethod and staticmethod are quite similar, there’s a slight difference in usage for both entities: classmethod must have a reference to a class object as the first parameter, whereas staticmethod can have no parameters at all. Example Explanation Let’s assume an example of a class, dealing with date information (this will be our boilerplate): This class obviously could be used to store … Read more