Will denying all ip address except my own create a problem?

To answer your question and for any others that might come along to this thread; Will it be a problem? Denying access from the .htaccess file will block all connections unless permitted, so if you are using plugins that need to execute API calls or similar, you’ll need to whitelist those IPs. So in totality, …

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Check WordPress size on disk

Why using a plugin for that? You can set a function to calculate the size of the 2 installations. The size of abc.com will include also the size of the other installation, but then you can subtract the smallest from the largest. $path = ABSPATH; $size = foldersize($path); function folderSize ($dir) { $size = 0; …

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Where can I find web hosting reviews? [closed]

I personally wouldn’t bother with any of the hosting review sites. Instead ask friends and peers which services they use and if they are any good. Also checkout the userbase and the community at the host you are considering as they will give you a good indication of whether the host is of good quality …

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Test for IP in Array Always Fails on First IP

There are two pieces to this code: 1) Interpreting the list of allowed IPs from a textarea, delimited by newline character, and 2) Checking if a given user’s IP is in the allowed list of IPs. Part 1) Parse list of IPs delimited by newline character, and trim whitespace: $_POST[‘allowed_ips’] = ” “; …

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Moving a WordPress website from one server to another

Yes you can. Check out this article from the Codex. If you will be using a new domain the chapter is named Changing Your Domain Name and URLs; if you won’t use a new domain name use Keeping Your Domain Name and URLs. Edit: You must use the entire wp-content folder and not only the …

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Download a zip folder of selected files

remove the brackets from your name=”checked” It should just be <input type=”checkbox” name=”checked” value=”<?php echo $path; ?>”> Which would only return one value, so you cant do a foreach loop on one value. You need multiple input fields and then put those values into an array to use in the foreach loop

WordPress site causing lots of server IO

1) Try WordPress › WPDB Profiling « WordPress Plugins to see what is running all the queries. 2) Clearing post and page revisions will greatly reduce the size of a WP database – up to 90% in some cases – with a huge return in speed and lower server load. Run as SQL query in …

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