How to force static assets with HTTP sources to load over HTTPS?

If assets are enqueued properly they are using the exact URL they are enqueued with. If the protocol in URL is hardcoded that causes mismatch issues you are seeing. For proper protocol support enqueued URLs need to be either: created with protocol-aware API function from WP API (most if not all functions that produce URLs …

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iHow to redirect all http traffic to https now that a SSL certificate is added?

You can replace your URLs in PHPMyAdmin instead – make sure you have backed up your database though. You’d need to change this code and run it: UPDATE wp_posts SET guid = replace(guid, ‘’,’’); UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content = replace(post_content, ‘’, ‘’); You might be able to bypass this step if you have a secure …

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Adding SSL certificate to the front end of my site

I use and This ensures that if I go to an http page I get redirected to https and that everything like images is requested over HTTPS.

SSL/HTTPS Redirect Loop

If you have the “force ssl on checkout” enabled in woocommerce along with another plugin like ithemes security also forcing the ssl it could be causing your redirect loop.

SSL problems with WordPress

You can follow this tutorial to setup Administration Over SSL at the WordPress codex. It explains how to setup your configuration to use SSL on the Admin area.

WordPress and SSL

I believe generally, a website is either secure (SSL), or it’s not. If you needed to activate SSL for a portion of your website, you should keep it all as https://. There is no drawback to doing so. If anything, it will give people more confidence in your website. Those 2 links you have mentioned …

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I would like to add ssl certificate to my already existing wordpress site

Yes it applies to your old articles. There are several specific issues related to images which use absolute urls (mixed content errors). Basically you need to inform plugin/theme authors to update their code or to update it yourself (which is not recommended because in case of update you will lose the changes.) Yes. After applying …

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