What is the Python equivalent for a case/switch statement? [duplicate]

Python 3.10 and above

In Python 3.10, they introduced the pattern matching.

Example from the Python Docs:

def http_error(status):
match status:
    case 400:
        return "Bad request"
    case 404:
        return "Not found"
    case 418:
        return "I'm a teapot"
    case _:
        return "Something's wrong with the internet"

Before Python 3.10

While the official docs are happy not to provide switch, I have seen a solution using dictionaries.

For example:

# define the function blocks
def zero():
    print "You typed zero.\n"

def sqr():
    print "n is a perfect square\n"

def even():
    print "n is an even number\n"

def prime():
    print "n is a prime number\n"

# map the inputs to the function blocks
options = {0 : zero,
           1 : sqr,
           4 : sqr,
           9 : sqr,
           2 : even,
           3 : prime,
           5 : prime,
           7 : prime,

Then the equivalent switch block is invoked:


This begins to fall apart if you heavily depend on fall through.

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