positional argument follows keyword argument

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I am a calling a function like this in python .

order_id = kite.order_place(self, exchange, tradingsymbol, 
transaction_type, quantity, price, product, order_type, validity, 
disclosed_quantity=None, trigger_price=None, squareoff_value, 
stoploss_value, trailing_stoploss, variety, tag='')

Here is the code from the documentation of the function ..

def order_place(self, exchange, tradingsymbol, transaction_type, 
quantity, price=None, product=None, order_type=None, validity=None, 
disclosed_quantity=None, trigger_price=None, squareoff_value=None, 
stoploss_value=None, trailing_stoploss=None, variety='regular', tag='')

It is giving an error like this..

How to resolve this error ? Thanks !

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