Android Device not recognized by adb

My Android device isn’t recognized by eclipse nor adb anymore. My OS is Windows 7 64-bit, and I’m using a Nexus 4 with Stock Android 4.4.2.

Here are some details on the problem:

  1. Yesterday I could run Android Projects from eclipse on my device with no problems. The only thing that I did on eclipse, which could have caused this problem, was installing the v7 appcompat support library from a resource to eclipse using this guide on (
  2. The device is still recognized as a normal multimedia drive in Windows when it’s not in debug mode.
  3. The device is in Developers mode and in Debug mode when I try to run an Android Project in eclipse or try to see if it’s recognized by adb using adb devices in the console.
  4. The Google USB drivers have been installed through the ADK Manager
  5. The USB OEM drivers for Windows have already been installed according to the tutorial on the android-developers site (see:
  6. I tried to restart adb by using the commands adb kill-server and adb start-server, and again checked if the devices was recognized by using adb devices. The device was still not listed on the console.
  7. Restarting windows & eclipse did not fix this problem.

Does anyone know a solution for this problem? Thanks in advance!

UPDATE: Thanks for the repies, the problem is solved (for now). I tried the following suggestions in this order:

  1. I restarted my device – this did not fix the problem
  2. I set my device to PTP mode – this fixed the problem.

So I reset my device to MTP mode & debug mode again to check if it still would be recognised by adb for some reason. It definitly doesn’t get recognised by adb when it’s in MTP-mode. I don’t know how it got recognised some days ago, because I never setmy device to PTP-mode. Anyway, the solution to my problem is that my Nexus 4 must be in PTP-Mode and of course in debug-mode to get recognised by adb.

I didn’t try any other suggestions since my problem got solved with my current drivers.

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