Dice rolling simulator in Python

Let’s walk through the process: You already know what you need to generate random numbers.

  1. import random (or you could be more specific and say from random import randint, because we only need randint in this program)
  2. As you’ve already said it; print("You rolled",random.randint(1,6)) “rolls the dice”. but it does it only once, so you need a loop to repeat it. A while loop is calling to us.
  3. You need to check if the user inputs Y. And you can simply do it with "Y" in input().

code version 1.

import random
repeat = True
while repeat:
    print("You rolled",random.randint(1,6))
    print("Do you want to roll again? Y/N")
    repeat = "Y" in input()

code version 1.1 (A little better)

from random import randint
repeat = True
while repeat:
    print("You rolled",randint(1,6))
    print("Do you want to roll again?")
    repeat = ("y" or "yes") in input().lower()

In this code, the user is free to use strings like yEsyyesYES and … to continue the loop.

Now remember, in version 1.1, since I used from random import randint instead of import random, I don’t need to say random.randint(1, 6) and simply radint(1,6) will do the job.

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